I just got off the phone with Michael. His iPhone battery was almost dead so he quickly tried to relay the events of the day through his satellite phone. My hope is that he can tell you all more about their exciting day in his own words soon.

The morning began at the airport loading up an unmarked truck with 6 tons of food that was allocated from the Salvation Army. Once they were loaded they were then escorted through the city by the 82nd Airborne Division in a convoy of five trucks. The plan was that after a certain point in the city that the truck Michael was in would turn off from the rest of the convoy, because it was a local Haitian truck no one suspected a thing, and they drove the rest of the way without any security.

Unfortunately it didn’t go completely without incident. Two of the tires went flat enroute to Leogane. They were able to talk a commander into towing the truck all the way to the Canadian base where the 6 tons of food was safely unloaded for the Canadians to distribute.

In an effort to get back to camp before the gates were locked at 9 pm, the Haitian Police pulled them over. as Michael stated, “They ordered us out of the truck, all four of them had their machine guns drawn and pointed at us and they were yelling. My team and I all put their hands on our heads and tried to explain- all I heard was “American”, “Leogane”, and “Orphanage” and they motioned towards me. I raised my hand and said “hi” in the nicest way I could, and they lowered their weapons and let us go. Matthew says “they are just doing their jobs…..but that was exciting”.”

I hope Michael can fill in the blanks more tomorrow, and I will update as soon as I hear anything.