Michael Andrew Photography http://www.michaelthemaven.com/ Michael Andrew Photography en-us A Quick Guide on how to Register Your Drone in the US http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4131&a-quick-guide-on-how-to-register-your-drone-in-the-us http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4131&a-quick-guide-on-how-to-register-your-drone-in-the-us Mon, 27 Jun 2016 12:13:00 GMT
Check out the quick video below.

Film Riot's Epic Bar Brawl http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4132&film-riots-epic-bar-brawl http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4132&film-riots-epic-bar-brawl Sun, 26 Jun 2016 12:25:00 GMT
There are so many details required to make a successful movie. In the video below the team at Film Riot outline how they shot this epic bar brawl. It's such a great watch and I highly recommend it. If you're thinking about getting into to shooting some video yourself, I really hope you enjoy this.

Check it out below.

What's In Nat Geo Photographer Bob Holmes' Travel Bag http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4130&whats-in-nat-geo-photographer-bob-holmes-travel-bag http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4130&whats-in-nat-geo-photographer-bob-holmes-travel-bag Fri, 24 Jun 2016 21:56:00 GMT
I think you'll find the video really helpful. Bob Holmes is a veteran, award-winning National Geographic photographer. Getting a view inside a pros bag is always insightful. You'll learn what camera bodies and lenses Bob brings with him around the world. (He's a Nikon user.) You might be shocked at how minimal his bag is. He also shares some simple practical tips for being comfortable while you're exploring the world.

What interesting is that Bob gets all of his bags from our friends over at Think Tank Photo. Because as he says; they're designed by photographers. I couldn't agree more and if you're in the market for a quality camera bag, they really are the best.

Canon 6D Mark II and Other Rumors http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4129&canon-6d-mark-ii-and-other-rumors http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4129&canon-6d-mark-ii-and-other-rumors Thu, 23 Jun 2016 15:00:00 GMT
Many were hoping for Canon to release an update to their popular 6D camera in 2016. Unfortunately, it looks like this won't be happening this year. According to Canon Rumors the Canon 6D Mark II is slated to be released some time in 2017. The good news is there's chatter about an entirely new camera. A never before seen camera that is NOT an update to an existing model.

The information and speculation is scarce as theses camera are still along way off from actual production but if we hear anything else, you'll be the first to know.

Meanwhile if you do own the current 6D you can check out my full crash course training video HERE.

Mark on a Bike http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4128&mark-on-a-bike http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4128&mark-on-a-bike Wed, 22 Jun 2016 13:14:00 GMT Mark on a Bike. Mark Wallace is an American photographer and photography educator who's sponsored by Adorama. Now he's grabbing life by the horns and going on an epic journey.

In his words; "The plan is to ride my BMW R1200 GS Adventure to six of the seven continents..." He says his estimates is that it will take two years but he's very loose about the timeline and doesn't really mind if it takes up to five years. He just want to do it. CLIC HERE to learn all about his journey, see photos, and updates.

The video below is Mark while traveling through Jalcomulco, Mexico.

via Fstoppers

How to Shoot and Edit a Timelapse by Bloomberg Documentary Filmmaker Griffin Hammond http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4127&how-to-shoot-and-edit-a-timelapse-by-bloomberg-documentary-filmmaker-griffin-hammond http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4127&how-to-shoot-and-edit-a-timelapse-by-bloomberg-documentary-filmmaker-griffin-hammond Tue, 21 Jun 2016 14:12:00 GMT
Here's the good news! Bloomberg documentary filmmaker, Griffin Hammond has shared two very insightful videos on his process for both producing and editing his timelapse videos. This is such a great place to start on your journey as a timslaspe filmmaker. Check them out below.

'The Secret World of Foley" http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4126&the-secret-world-of-foley http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4126&the-secret-world-of-foley Mon, 20 Jun 2016 09:48:00 GMT
I really enjoyed watching this short film about the craft of a Foley Artist. Having just got off a movie set I understand very well how collaborative making a movie is. It is perhaps the most collaborative art from. To have a seamless finished product you need the hard work, skill, and dedication of so many different talented people.

It's skills like these that often go unnoticed but are critical for emotionally effective storytelling. Check out the video below to see this beautiful short movie about the fascinating work of a Foley Artist.

The Secret World of Foley from Short of the Week on Vimeo.

Joe Edelman Shares Great Advice for Backdrops http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4125&joe-edelman-shares-great-advice-for-backdrops http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4125&joe-edelman-shares-great-advice-for-backdrops Sun, 19 Jun 2016 09:03:00 GMT
You can learn more about Joe and his work Joe Edelman.

Central Intelligence http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4124&central-intelligence http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4124&central-intelligence Sat, 18 Jun 2016 00:25:00 GMT
It was ok...not as good as Rush Hour movies, but still fun. I would say this is a definite rental, and if you see it in theaters have low expectations and you will probably be happy with it.

Finding Dory http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4123&finding-dory http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=4123&finding-dory Fri, 17 Jun 2016 00:22:00 GMT
I was disappointed with "Finding Dory", incredible animation work but the story was far too similar, and far inferior to the original. I would say at most rent it, but feel Finding Nemo was a much better story. Would say avoid seeing it in theaters (not worth it) and I fell asleep halfway through!