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Canon 5D IV Crash Course Training Tutorial Video

 6 Customer Reviews
Canon 5D IV Download Only
Canon 5D IV DVD + Download

6 Customer Reviews  
Barry O'Connor (9.15.18, 12:37pm)
I enjoy the content but it is almost impossible to find your way back after you have dad to stop and quit the tutorial. Wish there was a fix for this!!
Alex (7.20.18, 12:47pm)
Amazing tutorial! Tons of helpful information!
Dave Lindsay (11.11.17, 10:21pm)
I just bought a 5D MK IV and I found this video very very helpful for setting up and understanding how this camera works. It was well worth the money for me. I know there are free videos on you tube (I watched many of them), but none of them are as detailed, well thought out, and organized as this one. Michael is a great teacher, and it shows in his videos.
Mark (5.16.17, 9:45am)
I have since watched the video I bought from you and am extremely dissapointed:

1) By the looks of things the film is made up of a multitude of old videos that can be found for free online, or parts of

2) I bought the film because of its name "Crash Course for the 5d MK IV", but the video has a total of approx. 2 hours of talking about fundemental aspects of photography and video production, not specific to the 5D MK IV

3) The videos when Watched on a Smart TV crash on a regular basis, a message appears stating that the video format is not supported, although it is.

I will not recommend the video to anyone, simply because in reality, the video is only approx. 2 hours about the 5D MK IV. So you pay for 4 hours, but only get 2.
w. Weaver (4.10.17, 6:09pm)
What a wonderful video! I had difficulty in understanding some of the terminology in the camera's manual. Michael new that and presented instructions that dispelled a lot of my confusion. I now have confidence in the use of my 5D and look forward to great photos and videos.
Hank Schlid (12.7.16, 10:19pm)
This Video has loads of information on the 5d mark iv. It really simplifies the camera and teaches you how to get around this camera like an expert. It also has great chapters for shooting pictures like a pro.
Thanks again Michael !
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