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Cokin P Series Filter Holder Adapter Ring (77mm)
This 77mm P Series Filter Holder Adapter ring from Cokin screws onto the lens' front threads of the same diameter and enables the P Series Adapter Ring to attach to the P series Filter Holder. Once the adapter and holder are attached to the lens filters can be slid into the holder and be used accordingly.
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DustAid Platinum DSLR Sensor Cleaner
- Easily removes dust from Uncoated Sensor Filters, Coated Sensor Filters, Reflex Mirrors, Focus Screens
- Comes with: Protective Case, Cleaning Wand, and 6 Cleaning Strips.
- Safely cleans uncoated sensor filters.
- The specially engineered cleaning silicone used in the new Platinum DSLR Cleaner makes it perfectly safe to use on any sensor filter
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Carson 4.5x Loupe Sensor Magnifier
The SM-44 4.5x SensorMag Magnifier with Dust Blaster from Carson Optical helps you to clean a DSLR's image sensor. The 4.5x-magnification lens is strong enough to help spot small particles and debris. The SensorMag's lens rests inside the camera's bayonet and features adjustable focus to accommodate different size cameras and flange depths. It also swings 45° out of the way to gain access to the sensor. There are two diameter settings to fit various camera bodies. Illumination is via six LEDs that operate on two included CR2032 batteries. The 1.8 ounce magnifier stores in its own zippered pouch.
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Cokin NUANCES Z-Pro Series Soft-Edge Graduated Neutral Density 1.2 Filter
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Cokin P Series Filter Holder
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