Arkona Wedding Photography (07.27.09, 9:49 AM): Very Cool, just had to look :)

Kyle (07.26.09, 5:49 PM): This might be the most creative idea you've had yet. Very nice!

mattkn1984 (07.26.09, 2:42 AM): WOW what a great idea - awesome shot michael had to laugh so hard when i saw this picture fantastic

Mindy (07.26.09, 1:28 AM): WOW. This is just crazy. How do you think of all of this and keep up with the travel.

cindy (07.26.09, 12:14 AM): very creative michael!

Alstare Photography (07.26.09, 12:07 AM): Self picture overlay ontop of a google map. Reduced the bit depth of the image of yourself...?

Dean coutts (07.25.09, 10:32 PM): You are seriously taking this to a new level. Good job. But how?? :)

Josh (07.25.09, 10:06 PM): HOW?