michael andrew (07.20.09, 10:53 PM): Hey Heather! So good to hear- Im proud you are already applying the things you have learned! :)

Matt (07.20.09, 5:43 PM): I love the perspective in this one, makes the bat look even bigger, great shot

Arkona Wedding Photographer (07.20.09, 3:26 PM): Very Nice! I think I'm going to try out the bullet shot sometime too. Gotta add though - I was constantly thinking back to workshop and your top 10 shoot list during Saturday's wedding - Great - really allows for creativity without doing an actual picture list! Also - Notice the name :)

Tracy (07.20.09, 2:08 PM): Mike, you trip is looking awesome! I hope we'll see you on your way thru Missouri!

Alex Rubio (07.20.09, 11:02 AM): They should have used a Sequoia, but then again it would probably be bigger that the building and it would block the door, haha...

Dean coutts (07.20.09, 5:07 AM): wow!! where did they ever find a tree big enough to build that bat?? hahaha

Alstare (07.20.09, 12:16 AM): Wow.. That is awesome! It's funny how seeing plain old every day objects in ridiculous scale is so amazing!

Alex Rubio (07.20.09, 12:00 AM): WoW!, That looks so cool! Nice shot Michael...