michael andrew (07.15.09, 9:02 AM): Canon Rebel T1i

Dean coutts (07.14.09, 11:09 PM): Hey michael, What camera are you using in this shot?

Alex Rubio (07.14.09, 11:02 PM): I love this shot Michael, awesome! Would you explain or make a small video on how you create these picture in picture shots, love the effect... Thanks!

Diane (07.14.09, 4:21 PM): Do we have cwanky people here?

cowboys (07.14.09, 9:59 AM): where he got it? did you check the internet?

Diane (07.14.09, 9:05 AM): Awesome shot! I cannot believe that pod is holding the camera.......dang! I have to find that....where'd ya get it?

matt (07.14.09, 5:04 AM): Michael - is that a rebel XSi?? Yes it is the Zoom Model i have it too - awesome -weirdo-pod ;-)

Elizabeth (07.13.09, 10:18 PM): wow...it's like butter (meaning that is an AMAZING shot...)...I need to get my hands on one of those cameras...please tell me you are doing another wallpaper package with some of these shots you are taking. You know Jeni and David were just up there with their kiddos? She just did a post on Niagra Falls on her blog...

Kelly Easter (07.13.09, 7:57 PM): No Joke... I would have never trusted it with my 70-200. Wow I have to have one now!

Lauri (07.13.09, 7:47 PM): What an awesome shot! Glad to hear you are having fun and can't wait until next week for our workshop!

michael andrew (07.13.09, 6:55 PM): I use live view all the time (the manual focus zooming feature)

Alexandra (07.13.09, 6:30 PM): You always take such beautiful shots! Amazing.

berrywoodson (07.13.09, 6:15 PM): Do you use live view much?

Derrick (07.13.09, 2:39 PM): You sure know how to sway someone who now sees how strong a Gorilla Pod will hold a DSLR......... I need to get one and that's a really nice shot!