Jeffrey Norman (07.02.10, 6:52 PM): awesome images!

sue (06.07.10, 1:07 PM): Insanly Awesome:)

dian sitoresmi (07.10.09, 6:42 AM): AWESOME!!!

Deepak (07.07.09, 12:47 PM): These look really nice. Even I was able to get some cool shots for the 4th july fireworks. As you said, f11 and ISO 200 really works.

Elizabeth (07.07.09, 12:36 AM): Bored? These are anything but boring Michael...pretty much totally fantastic...I really need to try to get to DC next year for the 4th...

michael andrew (07.06.09, 8:39 PM): we have heard back from them twice. Because of the amount of information on the DVD, it can be a little tricky to get the layer breaks right, so we have had to remaster the disks a couple times. We got a yellow light today, hoping for the final approval and delivery date tomorrow. Much of the marketing is all set, and the store is all set, all I need is a final yes and pre-orders will be available. I thank everyone for their patience! :)

Bixby (07.06.09, 8:31 PM): Awesome!!! I actually thought about the flash light thing but wasn't sure if it's going to work. Thanks Michael. Oh and did you hear from your people about the Speedlite DVD yet? I will be one of the first to order it!!!! And good luck on the Wedding DVD. I'm going to get that one too!!!

Berry Woodson (07.06.09, 5:35 PM): Incredible !

michael andrew (07.06.09, 5:29 PM): There are several tricks. If it is very far away, set your lens to infinity. If closer as you ask, you can hit your modeling light on the speedlite or just use a flash light on your subject, get a focus lock (I like to do it with Live View) and then flip the lens switch to manual. :)

Bixby (07.06.09, 5:17 PM): Wassup ya'll!!!! This is kind of an off question but would anyone here know how to focus effectively in a low-light environment? It doesn't matter if it is manual focus technique, but I've been wondering about this for quite some time now - and the above pictures kind of reminded me of this question. The shot I have in mind is kind of a night portrait shot at the beach where there is very minimal lighting (before you actually trigger an off camera flash).

Kelly Easter (07.06.09, 1:45 PM): I am so glad you did this! They are fabulous. Our show was canceled and rescheduled for after a September Monster Truck Rally due to all-day rain and low hanging clouds. :( So I will enjoy yours. We did go July 3rd to a Balloon Glow. I'll send pictures.

Alexandra (07.06.09, 8:35 AM): Those are beautiful!

Alex Rubio (07.06.09, 12:10 AM): Fantasticly coolness! Awesome work Michael...!

Debbie (07.05.09, 10:11 PM): Holy cow, Mike! That is so awesome! Absolutely gorgeous! Maybe one of these days I'll learn more about photography.

kjersti (07.05.09, 7:55 PM): Impressive.

Joe Flanagan (07.05.09, 7:17 PM): Sweet shot Michael!

Omar (07.05.09, 5:15 PM): Nice shot Michael.

Lauri (07.05.09, 4:28 PM): Totally amazing shot!

michael andrew (07.05.09, 3:43 PM): Thanks! I had to crop this a little, but if you look at the bottom left hand corner, you see all those white dots? Those are all LCD's of cameras. There was a sea of them.

Kyle (07.05.09, 3:30 PM): AWESOME!!!! Great shot Michael.