Joe Barnes (07.02.09, 9:28 AM): I think i need this to help me master the 580ex ll . So Please HURRY and release it. I am also willing to view and commet on it for you. Joe

Berry Woodson (06.28.09, 1:22 PM): I'd like to review particularly since I was one of the first to propose that a DVD on this topic would be timely and appreciated.

Priscila M (06.25.09, 1:43 PM): I also was a part of the Tampa workshop special screening. Even I (with my cute NIKON self) appreciated the amount of information in this DVD. I will definitely add this to my MA library.

Alex Rubio (06.25.09, 11:18 AM): Fantastic news, can't wait to see the whole thing. We did see some parts of it during our workshop in Miami and it looked GREAT!

Joe Flanagan (06.25.09, 9:16 AM): I was fortunate enough to preview the DVD in Tampa. It absolutely WILL help you out. Not only does show how to use the 580exII speedlite; more importanly, Michael teaches the fundamentals of flash photography and basic lighting concepts as well. So yes, this will help all flash users.

Jessica O. (06.25.09, 6:44 AM): I've got the Sigma equivalent of the 580 EX II. Will this DVD help me out any?

Kelly Easter (06.24.09, 9:13 PM): If you need anyone else to view an early copy... count me in! The sooner I master this beast... the better.