michael andrew (06.16.09, 5:51 PM): its a quick program called "showit" very quick and easy to use. There are others out there as well.

neil (06.16.09, 2:21 AM): Michael I like the slide shows from the different locations. What program are you using?

michael andrew (06.16.09, 1:42 AM): Alstare- attendance is based on a first come first serve basis- I have always honored my commitment to those who register, however I get many inquiries from individuals who are border line interested, but do not end up registering, so when these group / private opportunities come, I must also consider them as well. :)

michael andrew (06.15.09, 11:47 PM): Im having a wonderful time here at Disney, Epcot and Universal. Pretty busy but will be posting some images in the morning. :)

Alstare (06.15.09, 11:34 PM): Congrats on the sellout! Hopefully this doesn't ruin the chance of others who may have wanted to attend the workshop, but got walked over by the group overtaking the entire event.