michael andrew (05.30.09, 9:18 AM): Im meeting with my editor on June 5th - 6th to see if we can finish it up over that weekend. Once we have the final draft ready, it takes about 2 weeks before we can start shipping, so unfortunately, it wont be sooner than that. I may still want to add more lessons, as once this is finished there is no going back. I believe this is the very best training you can get for the Speedlites, so the wait will be worth it...I promise! :)

Bixby (05.30.09, 3:26 AM): Oh goodness.... I am soooo excited about the new Flash DVD. I have the 430ex ii and just bought the 580ex ii. I also have some wireless triggers so I'm ready to go.... Micheal, I know you said something about mid-June, but do you think there's a chance that you'll have the DVD available sooner? Lolz... Sorry, patience is not my strongest virtue and I'm just dying to learn from your new DVD. Any dates on pre-orders?

michael andrew (05.29.09, 6:25 PM): lol- that was real!

Scott Roeben (05.29.09, 6:16 PM): LOVE these quickie video tutorials. Hey, in your seminar, are you going to show us how to Photoshop in landmarks into the backgrounds of our images...like you did in the video?

sunfrog (05.29.09, 1:59 PM): RUN its the cops lol

chaos2k (05.29.09, 12:09 PM): Nice video.. the bloopers are always great!