TsisPw (05.18.09, 11:18 PM): I bought your xsi crash course and it sure beats reading a book. Looking forward to this new dvd. Was wondering since I have just a 430ex II will this dvd apply to this flash? With the canon rebate I might grab a 580, on credit of course. Is it better to just go with two 580 or will the 580 and 430 be alright?? Cheers!

michael andrew (05.14.09, 7:41 PM): Im considering opening up Jabookee for Pre-Orders only, which can happen in as little as a week. We are aiming to ship DVDs Mid June. Most of the examples on the video, like this shot as well as yesterdays used only one speedlite- though there are some examples with 2 (like when we talk about ratios and groups).

Deepak (05.14.09, 7:33 PM): So when are you finally planning to release the DVD? Will it help shooting with a single 580 EXII?

sunfrog (05.14.09, 1:05 PM): hey micheal got my 580ex11 in today now all i need is the dvd so i can learn all that cool stuff

Scott Roeben (05.14.09, 12:02 PM): Impossible capture! You're the master!

Alexandra (05.14.09, 9:10 AM): That's so cool! I can't wait for the DVD! and the upciming Dallas workshop that I know will be great! :o)