kim (05.14.09, 11:34 PM): just saw it wednesday...awesome!

Scott Roeben1 (05.11.09, 1:28 PM): Totally concur on this one. It's fantastic! I guess we should just let J.J. Abrams be in charge of everything. I just really liked everything about this movie. The way it breaks new ground, but also how in kind of nods to the history of "Star Trek" in all its various forms. They definitely took some risks, too! SPOILER ALERT! I'm not going to share, but I've always wanted to write "SPOILER ALERT!"

chaos2k (05.09.09, 9:16 AM): Sweet. I want to see this

Kjersti (05.09.09, 4:41 AM): Just saw it this evening. It is a fun movie. I can hardly wait for another one.