apple (10.10.07, 2:42 PM): point taken on the road rage. I guess I'm speaking from my own perspective of things I've seen with an individual who had terrible road rage, and he was emotionally not stable in many aspects. Ok, so back to all choices made on an emotion- that is probably true... we aren't robots after all!! But back to your original comments, about being smart and not making decisions based just on emotion. There are many things we believe in that are NOT rational, but we feel good about it and we base our lives on it. That's where it gets confusing imho.

michael andrew (10.10.07, 1:59 PM): ps- to confuse you all even more, I believe that nearly all of our choices are made on emotion. Sometimes it is controlled emotion, sometimes its spontaneous.

michael andrew (10.10.07, 1:37 PM): You are free to call things as you see them just as I do. I could be wrong, but the reason I say this is that In the US alone there are 300 cases per year of road rage which end in injury or fatalities. Many of these cases result in the prosecution and conviction of individuals without criminal records with murder. Here is a link: I think everyone has felt anger when they drive, yet not all act on these feelings. This is what I meant by my comment. Road rage is an interesting topic and I think what you are saying is those who commit road rage are not normal, while I am saying they are normal and then act too aggressively in response. I hate to even bring it up on this blog, but, many cases, normal people "snap" because of emotion.

apple (10.10.07, 12:53 PM): Sorry, just re-read your last line, and have jumped the gun on your posts!! I agree with everything you said in this one except the road rage thing. I have seen a person I know get out of his car on several occasions to confront someone who had cut him off, and I let me just say that there was much more than just emotions playing there. A stable person doesn't do this. So, there's a the line between normal emotions and scary out of line things that result in people going to jail- ie. the effect of extreme emotional displays by people with mental illness, etc. I just know that I have spent the last decade of my life trying to differentiate between emotional and spiritual feelings, and it often leads you down roads that go contrary to everything you've based youru beliefs upon.

apple (10.10.07, 12:49 PM): I beg to differ that perfectly "normal" people become murderers while under the duress of road rage. I understand your point, though. I think your further analysis of this subject of keeping emotions in check clarifies a lot. This is my one question that I still can't get a good answer for. I believe that most of us have faith in our particular religions based on feelings that we have. In fact, faith is belief or hope in things not seen, but felt, true?? If you negate decision making based on an emotional impetus, how would you convince someone to believe in a particular religion?? I think most "spiritual" feelings are emotionally based. Enlighten me if you have some insight!!