K.Cox (04.15.09, 6:53 PM): That was my guess bathtub art...

michael andrew (04.15.09, 12:23 AM): it was in the shower!:)

Rob (04.14.09, 11:16 PM): I bet it does Mike. You know, some of the ingredients are what they use to make mace. Cool shot! I have to ask, where did you do this? It looks like a cement floor.

chaos2k (04.14.09, 1:08 PM): LOL very creative.. I agree our brains seem to switch a gear at late night hours and you come up with some cool/weird ideas

Diane (04.14.09, 6:46 AM): Got a little "hot foot"? Funny Michael AND very creative!

michael andrew (04.14.09, 4:47 AM): ps- my foot feels a little weird....lol