michael andrew (04.09.09, 2:51 PM): It only works with the Rebels and 5Dii :(

Omar (04.09.09, 8:24 AM): Michael would you know if this works with the regular 5D?

michael andrew (04.08.09, 1:11 PM): RC-1 is smaller and gives you the option to take image immediately or use 2 second timer.

Mark E. Clark (04.08.09, 12:29 PM): Could you compare the RC-1 to the RC-5? Advantages/disadvantages?

Diane (04.07.09, 2:27 PM): Duh! Actually I have this same one....not similar....it is the same one! Like I said before, it works great BUT you have to be in front of the camera.

chaos2k (04.07.09, 12:18 AM): I bought a phottix brand and it works great. but its line of site and on bright days it doesn't always see it. thats when I use the phottix copy of the TC-80n3

Boz (04.06.09, 10:22 PM): Always love seeing the new toys, I was just going over one of your blogs on alien bees, very helpful. I'm trying to switch over to some very portable lighting for doing NILMDTS photography - one curiosity though - have you ever tried hand holding rather than mounting the bee? I'm really going to miss the blogs from Hawaii - I'm getting the speedlight DVD just for the footage:)!!!

Lauri (04.06.09, 10:06 PM): I bought one a few months ago and it has come in quite handy!

Alex (04.06.09, 4:58 PM): Hi Michael, This is the remote I was telling you about a few months ago, isn't it great... The only Issue that its a little of a pain is that if the camera's menu goes blank, the remote will not work. Other than that is its awesome.

Diane (04.06.09, 3:13 PM): I've got one similar......use it often BUT like you said, you do have to be in front of the camera for it to work......sometimes hard to hide that you've got it in your hands ;-)

Matt (04.06.09, 2:46 PM): I have some knockoff brand of this and wow is it handy, i would recommend it to anybody that has those models