Diane (03.23.09, 6:47 AM): Your family are in our thoughts.

Tracy (03.22.09, 4:38 PM): Mike, that's a great pic of you parents. We'll keep you mom in our thoughts and prayers here. Pictures are gorgeous, as always.

K.Cox (03.22.09, 1:26 PM): I am so glad you shared a picture of your parents with us. Thank you. As for jumping to coclusions... I just think it is better to shoot women than men... they smile more easily, are comfortable in multiple poses, they where bright colors, lets just face it girls are prettier to look at than boys! Women will actually study a photo longer with a beautiful woman in it than a man. I am sure Whitney will appreciate that shot forever. Nice Job!

Adrian (03.22.09, 12:03 PM): Michael, you always have such beautiful models and have them posed so well. Most of the photos I take look so staged and yours look so natural. I would love to see a video on posing and lighting setups.

kjersti (03.22.09, 4:42 AM): I sort of feel funny that I keep making comments on your blog, but I keep doing it in spite of that. I really need to say something about Susan, because she was one of the first people to welcome me into the ward, one of the only people who put her arms around me to say good-bye when I moved to Kauai , and then she welcomed me back when I moved back into the ward. She is one of the kindest people I have met on Maui. I will be keeping her and your family in my prayers. Please let your family know if there is anything I can do for them, please don't hesitate to ask me. I will also tell them that in person when I see them next. You have an awesome family and what a great photo of them. The one of Whitney is a great photo too. Hey, she knows how to pose. I need lessons from her.