Kjersti (03.16.09, 9:03 PM): I cracked up when I read Jenni's comment, but Michael's reply was even better.

Dia (03.16.09, 4:57 PM): Michael ;-) LOL! On a different note ... I just wanted to say "thank you" because I truly learn something new every day in this site!

michael andrew (03.16.09, 3:19 PM): both these pictures are real! I swear!

Scott Roeben (03.16.09, 2:19 PM): Love these shots and LOVE the mini-tutorial! Here's hoping there are more to come!

Diane (03.16.09, 6:58 AM): LOL! That wasn't my thought but I was thinking "Oh! To be young and up under my chin!" LOL

Jeni (03.16.09, 12:20 AM): I'll say what everyone else is thinking. Those things ain't real.

Matt (03.15.09, 5:27 PM): What color hair does she have? your picking up a lot of red in the first one, makes it look awesome

michael andrew (03.15.09, 4:38 PM): This is one of my regular models, Lorie. She flew in for the weekend. Both images were Lollipopped. :)

Adrian (03.15.09, 3:54 PM): Is this still Nelli?

Danny (03.15.09, 3:00 PM): That's very cool Michael! Can't wait to see the lesson.