Lou-Ellen (02.24.09, 12:27 AM): Hi Michael, just received your Photoshop Crash Course in the mail. I have only had a limited amount of time to watch -- so far so good! I'm looking forward to completing it soon! I noticed the insert included with the DVD advertises more DVD's to come -- Lighting Crash Course and Wedding Photography Crash Course -- just wondering when you plan to release these??? Anxiously waiting for them......hopefully soon??? (sorry originally posted this comment in the wrong section - distracted by my little one --oops!!!)

Brian B (02.20.09, 3:19 PM): Congrats on the upcoming add you deserve it. Lollipops is on my list of things to purchase :)

michael andrew (02.20.09, 1:02 PM): Im always a big fan of someone checking my work :) - the website domain is purchased, but this is correct, the new site for Lollipops isnt ready...yet.

Danny (02.20.09, 12:47 PM): Never mind, I put extra "y". That's why it didn't work. http://www.popyourcolors.com/ works, but goes to "Under Constructions" page.

Danny (02.20.09, 12:46 PM): Is it only me or everyone experience the same? Can't access www.popyyourcolors.com (printed on the ad). By the way, cool ad Michael!