Indiana Rottweiler (10.01.10, 11:31 PM): Always love fun photos of dogs!

Ted (02.06.09, 9:35 PM): It looks like you missed part of the boys lower lip, did you mean too?

Elizabeth (02.05.09, 5:58 PM): I've missed the photo shoot posts, what fun dogs and a seriously adorable baby!

Sunny (02.05.09, 4:37 PM): Love those grungy presets!!!

K.Cox (02.05.09, 1:35 PM): Woo HOO!!! I wondered if there would be a late Birthday gift for me!

Rob (02.05.09, 12:13 PM): At first I thought you were choking the poor thing. lol It looks like you could power the state of California with all the energy those dogs have. Love the shot of them jumping over the rocks. That is a "The Perfect Moment" shot

Katie (02.05.09, 9:23 AM): Aww...I'm such a sucker for cute babies! What a handsome little guy! The dogs are fun too. :-)

Diane (02.05.09, 6:59 AM): Woo-hoo! I like big announcements! Great pics......the dogs are crazy :-) The baby is adorable!