Sharp Gilpin (03.04.09, 11:01 AM): Great movie. Liam Neeson at his best. Reminded me of another great flick of his - Rob Roy.

K.Cox (02.02.09, 2:00 AM): A one line sentence on the order of "Every year X,000 girls are taken against their will and sold as sex slaves never to be seen again." Would have been a EASY way to have wrapped this movie up.

Elizabeth (02.01.09, 8:18 AM): Yeah, a bunch of us here watched it Friday night, I thought it was well done, although I was expecting something different at the ending...I was expecting someone to follow him, or the step-dad turning out to be the cause of the whole ordeal...kind of an anti-climactic ending for the movie...other than that I thought it was good...

Maurio Crawford (02.01.09, 5:54 AM): THIS MOVIE WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Too bad that they had a DVD quality version on the street months ago. However, it's worth every dime spent at a theater. GO SEE IT!!