Thad (02.01.09, 11:21 PM): Shiff, I've used Blistik since 1st grade. It's the best and lasts longer than Burt's Bees Wax. This is one thing I am qualified to speak on.

Tracy (01.31.09, 8:02 PM): Arbonne makes a fabulous lip balm with sunscreen, it last all day. I am a chapstick junkie and when I use it I only need to apply it twice a day. My Mike thinks it makes my lips super soft, however it does have a bit if a sunscreen taste so beware.

Diane (01.31.09, 7:12 PM): ....oh! and I use Burt's Bees......;-)

Diane (01.31.09, 7:10 PM): This is cracking me up :-)........what about the shot????? Michael, the shot is great.....apparently the details are to die for because everyone's trying to get you to use lip balm :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kjersti (01.31.09, 6:54 PM): Since I am an Esthetician, I have to say that the first key to getting any product to absorb and last is exfoliation of the dead dry skin first. The way to exfoliate your lips is to take a soft bristle toothbrush, wet it, and then brush your lips in small circles. This will remove any dry dead skin, making your lips soft. Heather's suggestion of the lip balm with Emu oil is great. Epicuren also makes a nice lip balm with tea tree oil and cocoa butter along with an spf 15.

Katie (01.31.09, 5:02 PM): Hmm...I'm in Montana and it gets really dry here so I like to use Aveeno lip balm. It works well and has a nice smell to it. Since your in AZ, make sure you get something with sunscreen in it! Wouldn't want to burn those puppies!

Diane (01.31.09, 2:29 PM): A little sunscreen never hurts .... but your lips look fine ;-)

Heather (01.31.09, 1:06 PM): This stuff is wonderful!!!!