Alana (03.13.12, 5:34 PM): Wow...what an exciting life! You should head over to Australia sometime...some great photo ops...and a spare room if you need somewhere to crash! :)

Natasha O'Donnell (Frazier) (01.31.09, 9:10 PM): What an awesome adventure! I envy your freedom. We're in WI, which is amazingly beautiful country to shoot. Come stay with us if you would like. I promise my three boys won't break many of your cameras! Hope all's well!

shannon (01.26.09, 12:32 PM): impressive!! i like traveling light myself, while on the move and in life, the kids are what start to weight you down :)!!!

Heather Odom (01.25.09, 6:27 PM): Hey Michael! I think it's incredible what you're doing! Next time you're back in Bama, let me know. I'd love to have you do some shots of us. I'd like to be in a picture for a change!

michael andrew (01.25.09, 1:47 AM): wow...Ive never had so many offers from random strangers to come live with them. Ive even gotten a few emails inviting me. I may have to take you all up on these! :) That would be fun!

Tammy (01.24.09, 11:18 PM): If you ever want some TEXAS HILL COUNTRY I am also open to trade some free room and boarding for some photography training from the Great Michael. I am about 30 min. west of Austin in a slice of heaven on earth (Wimberley).

Kathy (01.24.09, 6:25 PM): Michael, you could really live rent free for a year...."will swap photo shoot for room, board and local tours". LOL ;) Seriously, it sounds a dream come true for you! Congrats!!! If you pass thru Tn. you're welcome here as well!

Jess (01.24.09, 5:09 PM): I'd love to have you do a shoot with my family if you make it South Carolina!

Geoley (01.24.09, 12:08 PM): If you're ever coming to Alberta Canada feel free to contact us!! Just got your photoshop dvd and am in awe.... AMAZING!!

sue (01.23.09, 10:16 PM): I don't think you are crazy @ alll kinda jealous actually! This is once in a life time. Have fun and good luck. If you are ever in NH hit me up!

Lori (01.23.09, 7:15 PM): Good for you! If you ever desire a great photo op overseas with the foundation, you know where to find me.

Lauri (01.23.09, 3:29 PM): Wow, Michael, no you aren't crazy! Your new adventure sounds awesome! Most of us wish we could do something like that. Good Luck! If you are in the Minneapolis area, you are welcome to crash here with us. I will be looking forward to the new Canon Speedlite video and all of your posts from around the states!

Boz (01.23.09, 12:58 PM): Wow, what an amazing adventure you are on. The prius is going to get some mileage tacked on now! Enjoy the adventure, I look forward to following the journey…and getting in on the new DVD Crash Course too. We are not located in any of the States, but if you’re up in Michigan, and feel like jumping the border at the Blue Water Bridge, we’re right close, you’re welcome to bunk here too. Enjoy the locations! Ps, ever tried the fun of bidding for your hotel rooms on , if you like the thrill of winning the bid, it can be fun.

Rob (01.23.09, 12:36 PM): Good luck M, be sure to hit me up when you get to NY! I don't have a Canon. Will I be able to apply the info that will be on the DVD to any flash? Im looking into getting the fl-36 for my Olympus. Though some of the options may be different, are the techniques and methods the same?

Diane (01.23.09, 10:19 AM): Wow! How frightening and exciting at the same time! Give me a shout when you hit Connecticut.

Alexandra (01.23.09, 9:19 AM): Your always welcome to stay with us in Dallas and there are always lots of weddings to shoot here!

Pamela (01.23.09, 9:07 AM): thats awesome! I have a friend who lives out of his truck... all his gear on the floor if the bed with a few pieces of ply wood for his bed to be above! all he does is drive through the rockies and climb!Both of you are insperations! I was like that 3-4 yra ago, I was a flight Attendant for 5 yrs but when i got married and had addy I had to stay put! (I'm starting to get antsie) if your ever in southern AL, (fort rucker) let us know... you would be more then welcome to stay here...

Bob in ATL (01.23.09, 8:53 AM): So where are you now? Where to next? Maybe you can tell us where you are so use a website to map where you are and where you've been.

Julia Shinkle (01.23.09, 7:29 AM): I am so glad to hear about he speedlite video! I got one for Christmas and I need a MA video to go with it! Good luck with your adventure! Let us know if you ever come to Oregon!

Adrian (01.23.09, 7:23 AM): You should let people know which states you are traveling to. Meet and greets or a photo walk would be great. the locals can show you some interesting photography hotspots. If nothing else, I'd love to buy you a beer.

Kjersti (01.23.09, 4:32 AM): You might as well take advantage of your freedom to travel and take photos. Not having anybody to tie you down is probably pretty nice at times.

K.Cox (01.23.09, 1:46 AM): I will be the first to sign up for the Speedlite Course, is it for the 580 EX II? Just so you know, I did the same thing last week to complete a website for a local organization! I also looked into purchasing a Keystone Passport Travel Trailer, to travel and take photos! Doesn't sound strange at all. I am glad to hear there are others who can leave it all behind.