Karen (01.18.09, 9:27 AM): Wow. That is simply amazing.

michael andrew (01.18.09, 2:12 AM): PS- Im hiding the Pocket Wizard Remote in my left hand, it triggered the camera.

michael andrew (01.18.09, 2:11 AM): It was late, outside on the driveway, about 22 degrees. One Speedlite, one chemical lightstick on the end of my cell phone charger cable, spinning it over my head. :)

Diane (01.17.09, 3:14 PM): Michael, is this on a driveway at night or in a parking garage? Is the light a flashlight being spun around? Give us hints :-)

Diane (01.17.09, 2:04 PM): That's why Michael is the "King"! :-) Another creative shot, Michael. I really wish I could have half of the imagination that you have someday!

michael andrew (01.17.09, 12:33 PM): thanks Boz! The 365 has been really good for me, I feel I am growing tremendously in my creativity and find myself thinking very differently about photography now, and its only been 2 weeks! Im excited for this challenge to get better. :)

Boz (01.17.09, 6:31 AM): You are going to have the Best Collection of the 365 at the end of the year - that''s going to make a great coffee table book! I've seen a number of people's projects on this, and so far, your perspective ideas and creativity are far ahead of anyone else! Great Job!!