cindy (12.29.08, 10:38 PM): I have to agree with Michael, I dont see anything gratifying or beautiful about the inability to forgive and especially about suicide. I felt horrible after seeing it.

Christina (12.29.08, 7:01 AM): yea. so i am actually pretty disgusted at this horrible review! i almost believed you when you said it was so horrible! it was an AWESOME film.. the end. :|

KCox (12.24.08, 12:08 PM): A BIG Thank You! I think Marley and Me will be the ticket.

Christina (12.23.08, 10:40 AM): I refuse to read the spoiler or believe this malarkey! say it ain't so :(

Alexandra (12.22.08, 2:18 PM): I saw it and agree!

Scott Roeben (12.22.08, 11:34 AM): Thanks for the thoughtful heads up on this one. The marketers definitely have made the subject of the film vague. I hate when trailers give away too much of movies, but I also hate when they don't give you enough to go on. Sounds like this one's a pass, and I hope it doesn't inspire bad decisions in a certain portion of the population.

kim (12.22.08, 11:18 AM): didn't want to see it to begin with now i really don't want to see it same people who did the pursuit for happyness...i didn't like that one either thought it was boring too not disturbing just...boring

Dave (12.22.08, 6:46 AM): I thought it was a good movie, it was really confusing at first but it picked up after a while. I read stupid comments afterwards where people were saying it was the blackberry's fault.

Kjersti (12.22.08, 4:25 AM): I was told this was a feel good movie, so I decided I wouldn't mind feeling a little better. Now I feel awful inside after watching it.