Alexandra (11.05.08, 12:28 PM): Anytime I get in front of a computer I find myself always checking Michael's blog before I leave it. :o)

Scott Roeben (11.05.08, 12:08 PM): Isn't it comforting to know we're hanging on your every word? No pressure!

michael andrew (11.05.08, 10:29 AM): Ya Im good. Yesterdays post was the Canon 50D Live View. Sometimes I post the night before, sometimes in the morning, but yes, I usually post everyday. :)

Alexandra (11.05.08, 9:27 AM): Michael are you okay????You didn't update your blog yesterday and it is NOT like you to do that....please let us know you are okay!

george (11.04.08, 5:36 PM): awesome

Scott Roeben (11.04.08, 1:55 PM): Dude, you are really good at what you do.