patrick (10.24.08, 2:14 PM): i suspect the storyline for Max Payne is a lot more exciting when it’s happening in the form of a video game... except for those few exciting parts that i already saw in the preview, it was a snoozefest

kjersti (10.21.08, 11:33 PM): I had to see the movie in order to see what half your dreams are like. I wouldn't want to fall asleep. Maybe that is why you stay up working at all hours of the night. lol.

Jason (10.20.08, 12:17 AM): I played this game too. It was pretty gripping. The soundtrack in the game was amazing. The game kinda creeped me out when in his dream sequences. He was lost trying to find his boy and you could hear him crying throughout the level.

Pete (10.19.08, 10:28 PM): I played the game way back in the day. I want to check this one out.