Bill (03.30.09, 12:15 PM): how much violence do we see on tv? So much, I think, that we become indifferent to the violence that happened on that terrible day. I, for one, will never forget. It is very clear, although I won't use your blog to point fingers, who our enemy is. Why do so many of us fail to see it? Great images MA

K.Cox (12.08.08, 1:59 AM): I was there shortly after they stoped searching. The smell is something I wont forget. The larger than life, heaps of twisted beams. It is/was a soul-shocker.

Diane (11.19.08, 3:10 PM): Gives me goosebumps!

Ray (10.20.08, 3:36 AM): We must never ever forget............ Thank you Michael for sharing these powerful images. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Kathy (10.13.08, 6:08 AM): powerful pictures, Michael.....they say it all....heartbreaking....

Nicole (aka mom) (10.12.08, 5:50 PM): Tears flowing - wow, thank you for posting this Michael - very touching and it really helps us to remember.

Elizabeth (10.12.08, 1:56 PM): Boy, I started tearing up...thank you for sharing this with us.