Lorie (10.15.08, 1:13 AM): We can't keep anything a secret can we?? It was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time.

Shawn (10.11.08, 9:00 AM): Yeah, this has DATE written all over it :)

Kjersti (10.11.08, 1:10 AM): I'm with Scott. Notice how he didn't use the word "friend" this time :-) I'm thinking date too.

Scott Roeben (10.10.08, 1:07 PM): Hey, hey, hey...what gives? Was this a DATE?! It sure LOOKS like a date. And you didn't say it WASN'T a date. I'm thinking...date. And you are a good person to hang out with in general. We just met for a snack, and now my girlfriend and I have photos to last a lifetime. Thanks for not feeling exploited. Now, back to the DATE thing.

Elizabeth (10.10.08, 12:37 PM): I can't wait to go back to NY. It was freezing when I was there. GREAT photos!!!

Laura (10.10.08, 11:46 AM): Gorgeous photos!! Beautiful model. She looks a lot like Natalie Dormer from the show on Showtime called the Tudors. I had to take a double take! The photos are really breathtaking of the city. Love the photos of the Brooklyn Bridge especially the one with the Dutch Tilt!

Bob in ATL (10.10.08, 10:19 AM): Some good shots and you scored a great model... Something tells me we will see her again!

kim (10.10.08, 9:55 AM): You flew jet blue? did you like it, i've heard good stories about them. I'm glad to see that you are enjoying living. Not many people do that.