Katlin (12.05.07, 2:43 PM): Those are great pictures!

michael andrew (09.04.07, 3:30 PM): Thank you! It was a pleasure to shoot your children....with a camera I mean. The picture of Allison was tricky, she is very mobile, it was either extreme luck or extreme skill....and as much as I hate to say this...I am very lucky person. I have photographed pets, if you want to schedule a shoot, just drop me a line. :)

Elaine Tew (09.04.07, 9:41 AM): Awesome pictures! Of course I'm a little prejudice. That one of Allison was great! How did you ever get her to pose? She doesn't really like having her picture taken. Loved the lighting and composition. Do you photograph pets? I have a Therapy Dog and we need some publicity shots. Again, great work, keep it up!

Jim & Amy (09.03.07, 8:56 PM): Thanks so much, Michael. That was the most fun photo shoot my kids have ever had and the pictures are beautiful. What I wouldn't have given to have you photograph our wedding! Can't wait for the next shoot.