Pete (09.21.08, 5:46 PM): I have been using a Vagabond for close to a year. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The sucker is heavy, but it lasts way past what Mr. Buff lists it for, at least for me. Ray, I am not sure it would be ideal for shooting sporting events. There are several liability issues with the cables. I would rely on smaller battery operated strobes that could be fired with pocket wizards. That what I have used for shooting arena football. Those games have horrible lighting.

Ray (09.21.08, 6:03 AM): This is very cool........I am wondering if it would be useful at the hockey rinks I shoot at? I struggle with getting good clean sharp images of the players. I think it may be because the lighting is never very good for fast moving objects. I end up using a high ISO setting and a faster shutter speed but I am not happy with my results. Maybe using this and some extra lights????? Never the less a good tool to have!

Scott Roeben (09.21.08, 3:52 AM): Great find. I always wondered what people used. Hey, Michael, here's a potential blog post subject. What areas of photography do you think YOU need to learn more about? What areas present you with the greatest challenges?