Jahaira (09.29.08, 12:14 PM): I honestly didn't like this place MP... I used to be a model before I became a Photographer so I had a membership with them and all, the photographers at that time weren't good at all, I wanted to work on my portfolio but I couldn't because I didn't find any reasonable photographer, and when I did they where in another states! it wasn't work it at all. But ever since I became a photographer I've been going through this site which is pretty much the same thing as MP, but for the best price... FREE! www.modelmayhem.com I am doing TFP work so that I can't develop my PTF ( portfolio lol) and I enjoy it, yes I eventually have to find pro models, which will help me out a great deal, but for people that don't have money... like me ^^ TFP is the way to go, for now,,, once you have your nicely lay-out Port, then you can start charging ^^ well that's my Opinion :)

Pamela (09.11.08, 6:42 PM): Haha... I hear you loud and clear! Iwas looking and saw LOTS of skin if you know what im saying!

michael andrew (09.11.08, 5:03 PM): On second thought, this might be a little too trashy for me...they dont do a good job of keeping it clean if someone is looking for a normal model with clothes on. Sorry if the link offended anyone.

Rob (09.11.08, 12:24 PM): Sounds good. Definitely worth checking out. Thanks!