Elsie (09.04.08, 6:03 PM): Is the convention at the hotel that looks like Star Trek space station? Been there once.......it's different!

Scott Roeben (09.04.08, 11:59 AM): Place $12 on the 8 and 6, and $10 on the 5. Then, each roll, put $7 on the field. You win $7 for every roll. Just hope the shooter goes awhile before...that bad number. This is a sure thing! At least that's what my bankruptcy attorney claims. Hope you're feeling better.

Boz (09.04.08, 10:43 AM): That looks like something I would love to take in right now! Enjoy. Hope you are feeling better, ever heard of Cold-FX, could help you through - kind of like an immune booster on caffine.

Alexandra (09.04.08, 10:42 AM): Hope you feel better!