Nash (04.22.10, 12:36 PM): Omnistar Mailer http://www.omnistarmailer is a great email marketing tool.

michael andrew (08.29.08, 10:47 PM): hi LInda- Get the Canon 40D Crash Course, you can order them from my store, click on the store link above and you should be able to see it. Its very helpful

linda (08.29.08, 9:48 PM): i have a Canon 40-D and i shoot with 70-200 2.8 lens. I need help with learning more about the camera. I take pictures for fun and want to get better. I have my first real beach wedding coming soon. What DVDs do you recommend for me. I want to know about lighting for pictures

michael andrew (08.29.08, 1:17 PM): Good input, this (a newsletter sign up thingy) is something ill get up on the blog shortly. Thanks!

Scott Roeben (08.29.08, 12:17 PM): Ditto! Sign me up. I think your subscribers might enjoy a "What You've Been Missing" kind of update, in case they don't check your blog every day. A kind of "highlights" reminder. Other possible content: Releases of new videos (yay for samples on YouTube!), discounts on existing products, fast facts (extracted from the blog), tips and tricks, your favorite image of the week/month, inspirational quotes, either from you or other photographers, etc. E-mails work even better if there's something that can be provided exclusively for subscribers--a special discount, special access to something (like a DVD excerpt online), free samples (actions from an upcoming release), etc. I'd love to see something included about what's inspiring you lately. Not sure if you were asking for ideas, since I'm sure you have a ton, but there you have it.

Alexandra (08.28.08, 8:51 PM): I don't even know if I am signed up to received your newsletter, at least I don't htink I am. How do I sign up?