Maria (08.29.08, 10:33 AM): ROFL! that's um, ... funny?

Tracy (08.28.08, 10:02 PM): great for the stalker in us all!

Maria (08.28.08, 3:29 PM): While we were in North Carolina on our honeymoon, David's cousin's husband had done this for their anniversary. It was really cute. Only one problem --- who would want to eat them?

Rob (08.27.08, 11:28 PM): Wow thats awesome! I know hershey's does the custom labels for their kisses. here is a link

Scott Roeben (08.27.08, 6:53 PM): Oh, and as for your question about sites...I haven't found many better at creating slick, customized images from ones that are uploaded than this:

Scott Roeben (08.27.08, 2:12 PM): Love those M&M products. I went through the process, then realized you have to get a ton of them, but as a promotional item, it's pretty cool.