Scott Roeben (08.25.08, 4:29 PM): Once again, you anticipate interest and post just the right post at just the right time! Any interest in discussing further the benefits of this accessory? You've found that this can hold a heavy camera, with Speedlite, etc.?

michael andrew (08.24.08, 1:04 PM): it lost its tension after a year, couldn't fix it. I tend to load mine up with battery grip, flash, L lenses and it becomes heavy. 7lb capacity wasnt enough for me with the 3265.

Boz (08.24.08, 8:32 AM): I've never tried this one, I do have the 3265, Love it, and have never had a problem with it. What kind of stop working issues did you have with yours? This one looks interesting, I just really like the quick grip.

michael andrew (08.23.08, 2:23 AM): yes, i have seen it! I really believe it works! :)

Alexandra (08.22.08, 12:47 PM): On a different note....Movie Review: have you seen "The Secret"? I think you will have a lot to say about it once you have seen it. You have already touched base on it so many times in your blog. It has to do with the Laws of Attraction. Check it out!

Gary (08.22.08, 11:50 AM): I have the same one Michael and it works great!