Gary (08.01.08, 2:02 PM): Thanks Danny!

Danny (08.01.08, 9:56 AM): Gary, This might be the one that Michael mentioned above:

Boz (07.31.08, 9:27 PM): That's funny - I am currently doing the set up of my My Book 1TB right now, and thought I would check out your blog. I just picked mine up today at Costco, I've been filling a 500GB drive and needed something larger. What's really great is that 2 of these will fit perfectly into a small fireproof safe. Which should keep a lot of people going for a little while!

Gary (07.31.08, 3:16 PM): This looks great and also love the idea of digital filing. Question is would you need to keep the retired HD's in a sealed package or some thing of the sort? Also is there a link for this new product? Thanks Michael!