Ken (09.24.16, 4:33 PM): Interested in Canon 5D MK$ tutorial

Paul Dharmaratne (09.24.16, 12:45 AM): Hi Mike I've replaced my 7D Mk II with 5D Mk IV and from my experience of your course for the 7D Mk II that I bought earlier I really look forward to your new course. I will miss the 7D Mk II but I have invested in many Canon Full Frame lens with the intention of someday buying a FF camera, now I have, finally. So far I'm quite impressed with the camera. There's quite a bit of negative feedback on some aspects particularly for videographers but I think this is a winner like the 7D Mk II, Please let me know as soon as you've published your new course. Many thanks Paul

Jeff Hunt (09.23.16, 10:27 PM): i would like to know when your DVD on the Mark iv is available.

Karen Bryant (09.22.16, 4:26 PM): Interested in training course

Raimundo Gaby (09.21.16, 8:24 AM): Please let me know when guide is available.

Mr G CAUTLEY (09.21.16, 6:46 AM): Please let me know when I can buy canon 5d iv video Regards Gerry

Des (09.18.16, 2:32 AM): Please advise me when the 5D MK4 tutorial is available

Sue Winsley (09.16.16, 11:37 PM): Please let me know when the canon 5d mk 4 training DVD is ready.

Berry Woodson (09.14.16, 9:06 AM): 5d IV crash course

Nikhil Nimbalkar (09.13.16, 7:45 PM): Good work Michael.