Sabine (08.08.08, 9:40 AM): I've had consistently good experiences with Comfort Inn, Days Inn and (to my surprise) Econo Lodge. I use them when available during business travels. At the end of a long day I just want to shower and crash in a comfortable environment for which I didn't get robbed blind. I like their anemities and they are clean & staff is friendly. ~S~

michael andrew (07.25.08, 5:25 PM): im sorry Alexandra! It was only for the night and it was very late. Please forgive me.... :)

Alexandra (07.25.08, 4:19 PM): I really don't travel much to have a say but next time your in Dallas give me a shout my family and I will treat you to dinner.

Boz (07.25.08, 4:07 PM): ps. love those sky shots - I'm just learning how to take a sky I like, and insert it into a picture with a blah sky-easy stuff after all !!!

Boz (07.25.08, 4:05 PM): I love the Marriott, definately recommend it! For fun though, check out and Bid on a room. I have litterally stayed in a 5 star hotel for $25. A Great Deal, But Also Kinda Fun!