Pete (07.14.08, 7:21 AM): See, I am glad someone else sees what I see in Hellboy. Hellboy boils down to one thing. Agency. It is about what you choose to be not what you are "born" to be. For me that is what makes Hellboy a "believable" character. Most comic book heroes are either good or bad. There are very few grey area characters, or character that are truly tormented with what they are. People in the comics and movies remind "Red" of his destiny and what he could be if he would just turn to the dark side. He always remembers what his surrogate father taught him and chooses the right.... Ok that's enough of my comic book nerd.

michael andrew (07.13.08, 12:26 AM): yes...u must now :)

kim (07.12.08, 11:28 PM): I saw the first hellboy and didn't think it was bad...we do want to see this movie so I'm glad you liked it. I suppose now we must see it.