michael andrew (07.08.08, 11:21 PM): It was taken with a Canon 24mm Prime at 1.4. The Vignette was done in RAW, it has one of the best viggys Ive seen, I will be showing how to do this on the Photoshop DVD.

george (07.08.08, 1:33 PM): thanks, scott. i really like the pictures on the front page. i will have to check it out more in depth. thanks a lot!!!

Scott (07.08.08, 11:58 AM): Hey, George...not sure if you have a Photoshop version that uses actions, but that vignette effect is one of the actions offered free at http://thepioneerwoman.com. I'm not affiliated with that site. It's just another great resource, like Michael's.

george (07.08.08, 7:01 AM): michael, how did you get this shot? what were the specs? did you photoshop it at all? how did you make the sides so dark?