Sabine (08.08.08, 10:21 AM): Michael, what lens/settings were used for the close-up of the girls' eye? That is very cool. I only have a Canon 28-135 EF is UMS and a Tamron 17-50mm at this point, but plan to expand.

michael andrew (07.04.08, 11:38 PM): Gary- great observations- I did use the dutch tilt and I also over exposed most of these. The two compositional elements I had in mind were Distance and Angle of Attack.

michael andrew (07.04.08, 7:29 PM): Cheyenne- Its a great question for the forum...have you ever taken a peek in there? Tons of great information and I am sure others will want to know the answer.

Cheyenne (07.04.08, 1:33 PM): Great pictures. I like the eye. I'm having trouble getting my colors to come through when I develop my pics. On the computer screen they're so vivid and then they come out a little dull. I understand there's a difference in reading color on screen, on paper and with your eye, but how do you compensate? Any advice?

Casey (07.04.08, 10:38 AM): Great shots, Michael! My favorite is the one of her lying on the bed.

Suzi (07.04.08, 9:47 AM): I love the pics of Alex, you are so amazing! Thank you!

Gary (07.04.08, 1:22 AM): Again Great imagery Michael!!! Dutch Tilt Exposure lock