M (03.13.20, 11:23 AM): Thank you for the warning. I started watching it and it felt horrible. Only got seven minutes in and googled upon this page.

Michael Andrew (06.18.18, 8:28 PM): PS- I would say avoid them at all costs. 2 films Ive regretted seeing more than any others.

Michael Andrew (06.18.18, 8:27 PM): @David- Both Hereditary and The Witch were produced by the same person. Both films are essentially recruiting movies for the cult.

David K (06.08.18, 9:24 AM): Hey Michael, Not sure if you'll get this comment, but I feel its relevant and wanted your thoughts. I never saw the witch, and thanks to your review and click here attachment I will never. A24 is back this weekend with hereditary. I've heard same thing about this movie, only WORSE. I love a good scary flick but based on my religious beliefs, I have no need to see this or give my money to A24. Am I crazy, or should I just get some popcorn and check it out? you the best man, David

Michael pettrey (02.22.16, 6:20 PM): Thank you for this review Michael. I love movies and the ability to visually just check out for a couple hours and enjoy the talent behind the film. I have gotten much more judicious as I get older and I don't enjoy movies without my wife so like granddad always said in company of ladies our standards must always be higher. Why is is so hard to make more movies that leave you feeling good about the world. I'll go watch The Goonies again followed by Facing the Giants😄😄😄😄