Scott Roeben (07.01.08, 12:28 PM): Saw this one yesterday, and you nailed it. Great, great movie. You're like Roeper and Ebert. Thanks again for the heads up on this one. The trailer didn't look great, but the movie was fantastic.

Gary (06.28.08, 5:52 PM): Just came back from seeing it and all your setiments expressed were right on! Great movie!!

Heather (06.28.08, 11:52 AM): Thanks for the review! My children have been wanting to see it. It helps to know before we get in there that it will be good.

Tracy (06.28.08, 10:45 AM): I'll I can think about when I see anything about this movie is Short Circuit!

Elizabeth (06.28.08, 1:25 AM): Good, I was going to see it anyways, but I am SO glad to hear a good review of it...

Gary (06.27.08, 11:07 PM): Ok so a movie worth seeing then! Finally!

george (06.27.08, 10:58 PM): can't wait to see it. absolutely can't wait!

Alexandra (06.27.08, 8:50 PM): Planning on seeing it with my kids tomorrow morning and have heard great things about this movie. I can't wait to see Hancock. I have heard that movie is wonderful from a friend who saw a private preview screening!