Kelly Easter Photography (09.15.09, 10:51 PM): I love that we can count on you to share where you find quality. These look perfect. I was using the smaller square jewel casing. The added jewel space is perfect to further brand yourself. I am glad you shared this!

Gary (06.27.08, 11:08 PM): Great Answer.

michael andrew (06.27.08, 1:07 AM): Ive learned from experience that the very best thing you can do for your business is to exceed your clients expectations. If they are happy with you and your services, the amount of business they will bring you will be far more than any amount of money you will make on print sales. I am much more interested in customer satisfaction than I am making a few hundred bucks on additional prints. Its a decision every photographer has to make these days, I see it as more of a win-win. Thanks for the question Gary, its a good one.

Gary (06.27.08, 12:05 AM): Thanks for the info Michael, but why would you give all your images on a DVD, what about repeat business when more prints are requested from the couple and the family?

michael andrew (06.26.08, 10:11 PM): They provide a template, but its really up to you to figure out how to fit everything on there, appearance. It was a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it its easy. The wording on the release is that I acknowledge that I have given my permission to the person holding the CD case to print them up for personal use, it has my signature and contact information. I include a copy of all images taken as part of my full day package.

Kjersti (06.26.08, 9:57 PM): What a great way to personalize each album. Also what a great marketing tool. They are nice enough that people wouldn't mind keeping them in open view. That would mean even more people might see your work. Sorry I left a negative comment. It was more of an observation. It wasn't meant to be negative. I liked the creativity, which is why I mentioned that :-)

Ginny BROCK (06.26.08, 1:28 PM): That is such a great idea! They look so elegant and sophisticated! I can't wait to see how ours turn out!

Scott Roeben (06.26.08, 1:19 PM): Great resource! What's the language you include about copyright, use, etc.? Do you include a disk of all your images as part of your packages? I'm a big fan of that, but some photographers fear they'll lose additional income (as well as creative control) if they provide all the images.

Gary (06.26.08, 10:47 AM): Great marketing tool Michael! And also the presentation is pleasing to the eye. Do they provide the template for the insert or didi you do the entire design?