Michael Andrew (10.27.15, 12:06 AM): Denis and Herb- I think if you are only shooting stills and have a need for high resolution, the 5DSr is a better camera, especially for moving subjects and i think you made the right choice as far as your own needs. If you need an all in one, more video features, like me, the A7rii is a better bet.

Herb Bardavid (10.26.15, 4:07 PM): I have been using the Canon 5D from day one of its release. Then the Mark II and the Mark III, now the 5DS r . I love it and don't shoot videos. I am a still photographer only. I love the R s. i know lots of people are looking for lighter. I like the heft of the 5D. I don't like small cameras in my hand. I used to do street photography with a Hasselblad, so the 5D is perfect for me.

Denis (10.26.15, 6:57 AM): I think that Canon 5DSR would make a fine camera for NASCAR races. I think for my use, this might be the one. Thanks for your great shootout videos.