michael andrew (06.15.08, 12:00 AM): thanks guys! It was great meeting you and hope we can help each other out. Please let me know what I can do for you if anything!

Craig (06.14.08, 5:14 PM): Michael, thanks for sharing this with us. It's sweet! I really enjoyed getting to know you. I'll be checking in on your blog regularly to see the great stuff you're kicking out.

Stacey (06.13.08, 10:49 AM): awesome slideshow! you captured the soul of the workshop! it was wonderful to meet everyone - i hope we can all stay in contact at one level or another!

Heather Odom (06.12.08, 12:25 PM): Looks like an incredible day! I really can't imagine you getting much better but.....I'm looking forward to seeing what you learned.

Scott (06.12.08, 11:55 AM): Thoughts: 1) Looks like an awesome workshop. 2) Is wedding photography like NASCAR? Where are the black people? 3) Cool song. 4) Care to share any take-away concepts or techniques, Michael? 5) In answer to the question about finding out more about the next session, it appears they just post info. in their blog. I'm thinking about making the drive to San Diego. Thanks, Michael! 6) Oh, and I think the slideshow was done in Showit Web, info. at http://www.showitfast.com. I recently bought it, too. It's a little expensive, but makes slick slideshows a breeze.

Aaron Hawes (06.12.08, 11:49 AM): Thanks Michael, the ss rocks! I'm glad you took all those pictures. It was awesome to meet you and everyone else and I'll looking forward to watching your work.

george (06.12.08, 8:26 AM): michael, what software did you use to create this slideshow? also...where did you post details about this shootshop? the background and such.

Melissa (06.12.08, 7:58 AM): Nevermind...i was right...not looking in the right places! Thanks for sharing all about your wonderful time. It's very inspiring!

Melissa (06.12.08, 7:54 AM): Awesome! I've looked around on their website..and I may not be looking in the right places. But how does one go about finding out more info on attending a shootshop?

Cindy Cieluch (06.12.08, 3:00 AM): A man who can take awesome photos AND eat dessert the size of my head?!?!!? THANK YOU for putting this together for everyone! Wish I could buy you an enormous cookie or sundae right now...

Brandy (06.12.08, 12:00 AM): Wow great pictures! I normally take a ton of pictures too but I was so in awwww over the whole thing and in the amazing glow of Jac & Nate!

Gary (06.11.08, 11:39 PM): Great stuff, it looked like it was alot of fun and knowledge being shared!

Angie (06.11.08, 11:32 PM): NICE! What a fantastic day! I love how I'm dramatically eating food in all of my appearances. :)

michael andrew (06.11.08, 11:31 PM): ps- If the slideshow is hanging at all, it means I am changing it right this VERY second...try again in 3-4 minutes. :) Im already starting to get more pictures from everyone else that was there. Thanks guys!