Elizabeth (06.11.08, 1:58 AM): Not that my opinion counts, because I am very easily entertained, but I just saw it tonight with my best friend and her 3 year old daughter and LOVED it. I thought it was very well done. Very funny and entertaining.

Thad (06.10.08, 9:33 AM): I plan on seeing it. I hear good things about it from adults.

MaKeba Adams-Jones (06.07.08, 10:03 PM): Yes, Mike I have seen it. It was actually, funny. I saw it today with my in-laws in Texas. But if you are willling to wait for it to come out on dvd, yuo could do that has well.

Ray (06.07.08, 2:35 AM): Good movie. I loved the animation. However, I would Suggest to see it at home (when they release it on DVD or B-ray) than going to the theater. I had to pay $10 than $7.

Enrique (06.06.08, 9:50 PM): I liked it my son LOVED IT!!!!