michael andrew (06.04.08, 8:23 PM): OH MY GOODNESS!! Congratulations Melissa! That is awesome! I am so happy for you! :)

Melissa (06.03.08, 7:25 PM): These pictures are wonderful! Thanks again for taking the time to take them and teaching Enrique at the wedding. Another great thing about these pictures: there are actually 3 of us in them.. :)

michael andrew (05.24.08, 10:18 PM): thank you everyone! I appreciate it- really! Boz- I got your email...I will answer you soon. I back up on both, one to my hard drive and two DVD disk copies. At the end of the year, I archive all my hard drive stuff to a single external and then clear off my hard drive. I like to have at least 3 copies of everything I shoot. Just in case! :)

Heather Odom (05.24.08, 3:27 PM): That first shot is so cool! Never seen anything like that. These pics just go to prove once again just how talented you are....no shade anywhere in site and the lighting is still perfect!!

Boz (05.24.08, 12:35 PM): Love the shot with the lens - gotta try that one. Hey Michael, I am just sitting here is a group of 7 other girls scrapbooking - we have a question - how do you store your images - external hard drive, DVD's... We are very curious!

michael andrew (05.24.08, 10:17 AM): Thank you everyone- The location was actually some random field by my house. Its down highway 69 right next to shelton state and winn dixie. :)

Enrique (05.24.08, 9:28 AM): Hey Mike Thank you for an awesome shoot, Melissa and I are glad to be here and once again you have proven that your photography is one of the best there is. Thank you very much for the opportunity. :o)

cristina4p (05.24.08, 9:21 AM): Beautiful! Especially the first.

Melissa (05.24.08, 8:40 AM): My question is this...if they came up here, where did you go to get these shots?? What a fantastic location!!

michael andrew (05.24.08, 1:20 AM): Thank you for an awesome fun shoot today Enrique and Melissa! I am looking forward to tomorrow!! :)