Gary (05.26.08, 10:19 PM): Innovation!! I love the first shot!!! It is really amazing how the most amazing shots and things for that matter almost always happens by accident or chance!

cristina4p (05.24.08, 9:28 AM): Great! In a couple of weeks I'm buying my 40D and I'll be looking forward for some honest art critics.

Scott (05.23.08, 6:04 PM): Understandable. Hey, maybe your virtual assistant could help. Ark! How's that going, anyway?

michael andrew (05.23.08, 2:28 PM): Hey Scott- As much as I would really really like to, it would just be impossible to give feedback on all of them. I do give feed back on some, but it just really depends on the picture. I am really looking forward to this!

Scott (05.23.08, 1:15 PM): This is a great idea. Will you be posting feedback on these items, Michael? It would be great to hear your thoughts.